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Trekking in the Himalayas is a pilgrimage to those long-cherished mountains - a pilgrimage in which one leaves civilization and enters remote lands, traveling on foot over mountain ridges, crossing deep valleys and sleeping in one village after another.

A trekking course follows the paths from village to village; thus one comes in direct contact with the simple lifestyle of Nepal - it is one of the joys of trekking.


Trekking season generally runs from end of September until middle of May.

Nepal is subject to the Indian monsoon, with rain falling on the foothills from June until the middle of September. After the monsoon, weather becomes clear and fine and this period is perfect for trekking in the Nepal Himalayas. However, between October and December, many of the popular trekking routes can become quite crowded.

Settled weather pattern continues well into November. As winter sets in, temperature begins to drop. By December, higher passes become snowbound, a condition that remains until February. Provided that you are well equipped, winter is still a good time to trek to the base of the world's highest mountains.

March marks the coming of spring and the high altitude passes are again open for trekking. By April, mountainsides are covered with lush vegetation and the forests alight in a kaleidoscope of wildflower blossoms.

Respect for the Environment

Deforestation (and the consequent soil erosion) is a major concern of the Nepalese government. We at CHT share this concern and are keenly aware of our responsibility towards maintaining a clean and sustainable ecosystem.

By hiring local guides and porters whenever possible, we provide employment and generate income for the local economy; By using kerosene for cooking on all of our treks, we avoid burning firewood. We believe our style of trekking - carrying food, fuel, and noncombustible rubbish, and hiring local people - has the least impact on our fragile environment.

Advantage of Traveling with Classic Himalaya Travel

Our adventures are exciting and well-organized. Years of research and planning experience have been put into every adventure presented in our program. We will take you off the beaten tracks and into some of the most remote, spectacular and unusual places on earth.

We are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting routes for our guests who'd like to return. If you have a particular region you would like to visit but do not want to follow the "common" track, we will be happy to assist you in devising variations into your trip.

Every trip is led by an experienced sirdar (group leader) sensitive to the group's needs. Trip staffs are knowledgeable in all aspects of the region in which you will be traveling.

In addition to sirdar, we will provide an English-speaking tour leader who is expert on all aspects of Nepal culture to any group with 6 or more members.

We have set enviable hygiene standards in cooking and camping to ensure your well-being as your health will determine the success of an exotic holiday. We are also aware of your nutritional needs; our meals are nutritionally balanced with fresh salad, grain product, protein and carbohydrate. On holidays, our cooks will even conjure up special treats pertinent to the holiday celebration even though you are in the middle of the Himalayas!

We use expedition tents that are spacious enough for two adults plus 2 large backpacks, RidgeCrest expedition foam mattress, and provide each client with duffel bag/personal kit. We also have Gamma Bag for treatment of altitude sickness. Due to its high cost, we provided Gamma Bag on high-altitude treks only upon request and at a nominal charge.

In summary, our professional trekking service include:

   High quality camping equipment, spacious 4-season dome tents for every two clients, sleeping mattress by Cascade Design
   Sanitary and nutritionally balanced meals prepared by our expedition cooks
   Porters to carry all personal gear and group equipment
   Knowledgeable and friendly English-speaking guide
   All internal transport by plane or private bus, van or car

Fitness and Health

All trekking involves some degree of physical exertion. Altitude, extremes of heat and cold, length of trip, and difficulty of terrain are subjective factors which affect people differently. However, all our trips are designed to be within the capabilities of almost anyone who enjoys good health, is moderately fit, and above all, adaptable. If high altitude, walking and trekking are integral parts of your trip, then you must be physically prepared for an active outdoor experience.

Choosing your Adventure

To help you with your choice, we have graded each one of our treks in terms of difficulty, and our definitions are briefly described below.

You will find detailed information for each trek in our catalog page. If you are in any doubt, please contact us; we pride ourselves on our expertise in ensuring your adventure is a safe and memorable one.

Sightseeing along with very short (2 - 6 days), low altitude treks. These generally involve excursions around major villages and 2 to 5 hours walking per day through gentle foothills.
Easy to moderate:
These are slightly longer (5 -10 days) treks and 4 to 6 hours walking per day. These treks may contain portions that require more physical exertion, but you can always find suitable resting place along the route.
These treks involve 5, 6 hours walking per day through easy to moderate terrain and tend to reach higher final elevation (3000m to 4000m). Any reasonably active person should be able to manage these trips without any difficulties.
Moderate to strenuous:
These are a bit harder treks which requires 6 to 8 hours walking per day. They are still within the capabilities of most people, but you must be fit before departure.
These treks involve some days with up to 8,9 hours walking and reach over 5000m. Overcoming the challenges presented by the situation encountered on these trips is an important part of the reason for going. Most of the remote areas are considered "strenuous", as are treks that contains high altitude portions(i.e. above 4000 or 5000m.)

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