Personal Data - Charles Lin

Hello! I grew up in the Northeast of the United States and studied electrical engineering at MIT, USA and Japanese at Keio University, Japan.

I worked several years as semiconductor engineer at DEC in Massachusetts and Silicon System Incorporated in Southern California before going to Japan for my language study. After receiving my language certificate from Keio, I worked another 5 years in Japan for NKK and then NEC in its Overseas Transmission Equipment Division.

While in Japan, I visited many beautiful national parks and nature reserves. I climbed many of the mountain ranges that cover 3/4 of Japan archipelago, including the Alps, Tanigawa, Chichibu-Okutama, Yatsugatake, Iide, Mt. Daisetsu, among others. Also climbed Yakushima and Mt. Shirakami, both of which have been designated by the United Nations as World Nature Heritage Sites. I plan to exhibit my landscape/nature photos of Japan in future editions of Charles's Photo Gallery.

I first visited Nepal in 1990 and immediately fell in love with her. During the years I've traveled extensively in Nepal to climb mountains and to photograph beautiful landscape and cultures. I have also made friends with many wonderful locals and interesting trekkers from all over the world. Due to my love for the outdoors and a desire to provide Nepalis with better lives through tourism services, I decided to open Classic Himalaya Travel.

Having traveled to some very poor regions of the world (but no less beautiful, if not more beautiful, than the developed countries) made me appreciate what I have and realize the excess of lifestyle in developed countries.

Please conserve and help protect our fragile environment for future generations. We don't own this planet; we are just the caretakers, privileged to be part of it and sharing it with all other living beings.

Classic Himalaya Travel hopes to strike a sensible balance between preserving the many wonderful cultures found in the Himalayas and the advances of modern world. At our own expense or with the help of our clients, we regularly carry school supplies and basic medicines into remote mountain villages on our treks.  We also solicit medical professionals' help and organize health treks to remote villages where people are too far away from any health post or too poor to receive medical treatment.

If you would like to contribute to this effort, please contact me.