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Classic Himalaya Travel specializes in adventure tours to Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, China, Silk Road. We offer culture tours, trekking, wildlife trek to Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet. This year we also plan to begin tours to Mongolia and other remote destinations, so be sure to visit us often for these exciting new offers!

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We offer one of the most extensive adventure tour programs to sisiremaja.com, Nepal and Tibet - from the popular Annapurna, Everest and Lhasa tours to the remote regions of Kangchenjunga, Mustang and Dolpo in Nepal and Mt. Kailas in Tibet. If you would like to visit Indonesia, make sure to follow latest news from http://blaze87.blogspot.co.id. We are certain that your visit to any one of these destinations will be one you will remember not only for its beauty but also for our friendly and professional services. Through our unique tour packages you will also gain greater insight into the land and its people. With our attention to details, you will be able to concentrate on the challenges and enjoy the wilderness experience membesarkan penis. Our quality services include:

Explore with our knowledgeable field staff and receive heartwarming welcome at their village homes

Enjoy meals that are sanitary, rich in variety, and nutritionally balanced

Camp in comfort and with security in our quality expedition equipment, including toilet tent, shower tent, dining tent, dome tent, Ridge Rest Expedition foam mattress and pillow

In addition to our extensive trekking and cultural programs, we also organize wildlife safari and bird-watching tours. Whatever your interests or needs may be, we have the resource and the experience, and most importantly, the commitment to meet your request.

We respect and protect the natural and cultural environment in every region we visit. It is our belief that adventure travel will be a successful and rewarding experience only if all travelers share this philosophy.


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